FSQL is simple command line tool for working with Firebird databases. It is very similar to Firebird's standard ISQL, it implements most of it's functionality, plus some extra features, like possibility to insert file contents into blob, export data in csv format, gfix functionality accessible in sql script (e.g. shutdown database), show connected users, better indication of errors in script, etc. Currently SHOW commands use simpler formatting than ISQL (because there is no special code so far, they are just predefined selects), and few SHOW commands are not fully implemented yet.

Why to use FSQL instead of standard ISQL ? What extra features are in FSQL ?

Which features of ISQL are not implemeted in FSQL.

Which features have these tools in common.

What are the differences between these tools.

Other notes ...

Linux version ?

The FSQL can be compiled by both Delphi and FreePascal, so it should be easy to create Linux version. But because currently I work with Windows only, and do not have enough time to play with Linux, please contact me if you want Linux version and you are willing to help with its compilation.



Download FSQL v1.9.23

Download GUI version WFSQL v1.9.23

Some changes in the latest version (FSQL v1.9.23, 2013-12-1):

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